Hello Bruce

A Most Unusual Bible Study

 It was a hot day in hell (as it usually is) but it was about to get hotter.

Over in the department of propaganda, an ordinary devil named Bruce, a junior editor, was just about to take a break when he realized he had forgotten his tuna sandwich (plenty of those in hell).

Being pressed for time, and generally encouraged to do bad things, Bruce decided to steal what he could from the office fridge.

To his divine fortune, low and behold there lay before him cooled, cursed, and ready to eat – the Devil’s Pudding.

In hell, there is no time to waste when it comes to treachery and so he gobbled the pudding with speed, secrecy, and not a pinch of shame.

But, unfortunately for Bruce, loyalty is not a character trait among devils, and shortly after was turned in by his very own best friend.

The punishment was swift and severe.

“Bruce, you are hereby banished to…holding a Bible Study” boomed the ominous voice.

“NOOOOOO, anything but that” shrieked the desperate screams of the disenchanted demon.

Yet in hell, there is no mercy and he was immediately sucked up into a vortex.

But instead of being sent to a solitary corner of hell as planned, he was accidentally sent to a broom closet located somewhere in heaven.

Something went terribly wrong… or did it?

For an unknown amount of time, Bruce will be held in captivity under the strict supervision of various heavenly entities where he will be forced to do the very thing he has always feared…tell the truth.

Little does he know, someone was sent to silence him before he shares too much.

Will he survive?

Join Bruce for a “Bible Study With a Devil” to find out.

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Hello Bruce

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