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Christians Empowering Organizations Ministries Inc. is one organization helping many. Whether it is feeding the poor, sharing the gospel, educating children, or standing for truth and freedom; CEOM empowers groups and individuals (aka Agencies) to do more of what God has called them to do.

To be an Agency with CEOM, they must be a Christian Group holding to the basic beliefs. See our About page for examples. 

Second, their purpose must be to help people, whoever and however that may be (Christian or non-christian).

Third, they must be accountable to CEOM by submitting two reports twice a year: a financial report and a ministry report.

This allows CEOM to follow the proper CRA guidelines according to the laws of Canada for Non-Profit-Organizations. 

Basically, we help people help others and we do so ethically, legally, and Biblically.

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How Does CEO Help?

CEO is a Canadian Federally Registered NPO (non-profit organization) with 53+ years of ministry experience. And as such, CEO is able to bring multiple benefits to the table for new and experienced ministries.

Brief examples would be providing any ministry that does not yet have charitable status with the ability to receipt Canadian donors. This would be for local and international ministries or organizations that are helping people but who are not registered. 

In the same breath, CEO would also be opening up the Agency to a broader exposure to new Canadian donors and public awareness. There are countless individuals who want to hear about your cause and we can help you meet more of them. 

As an agency of CEO, you would also be able to utilize our fundraising and marketing resources at no cost to you.

Other benefits would be vast years of experience and help in navigating the difficult waters of ministry, providing accountability, coaching with structure, and most importantly teaming up with prayer and fellowship. No minister should do ministry alone and if you haven’t found a family to serve with, CEO would like to come by your side and serve with you.

You will always be your own ministry and CEO is not interested in managing what you do. But teaming up together will allow you to go much further than you could alone. Our only requirement is that you have a board of directors. If you do not currently have a board, we can help you get established with one.

At the end of the day; it’s all one family, one church, one mission for His glory, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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