Mission Trips

Most people get 3-4 weeks of vacation a year

Image how much God could do with One or Two of those weeks!

CEOM’s “Vacation With A Purpose” is one of our most sought-after short-term mission programs. These adventures span 1-2 weeks and offer a blend of meaningful ministry projects, alongside moments of fun and relaxation by the beach and in cozy hotels. It’s a perfect way to combine purposeful service with a well-deserved break. Wether you want to join a group that is already going or have a trip customized for a group of your choosing, we can accommodate.

Contact CEO in the form below with the location of your interest to begin facilitating.

Some mission trip opportunities include:

Building Homes, wells, or other important constructs

Your day will consist of team building with the locals and the construction project at hand. This could be at a carpenters shop where you teach or assist, it could be in at a home or church where you help stir or carry concrete… if construction is your interest you are needed here.

Global Vision 2020

Get trained to test and distribute prescription glasses to virtually anyone, anywhere in the world in less than 15 minutes for less than $4 USD. Your goal would be to train churches on how to do the same to effectively start a glasses clinic serving the poor, generate income for the church, and help others see both physically and spiritually.


Preach the gospel, pray for the sick, and freely give as you have freely received. Not only will you return home with unforgettable memories but you will have also changed eternity by allowing God to use you draw others to Him.

Performing arts for evangelism

Perfect for youth and those young at heart. Draw in a crowd with a pre-choreographed street performance that peaks their interest. At the end, present them with the Good News of Jesus. This is an incredibly powerful and fun way to share the Gospel.


Train pastors, churches, and leaders in small group or conference type formats to equip them for what they’ve been called to do. Subjects can range from Knitting and Cooking for women’s workshops, to Evangelism and Leadership conferences for pastors.

Sports ministry for evangelism

Sports is an international language. Get a game started and people will flock to join. At the end, share with them a message of hope and love and connect them with a local church. The most popular sports are soccer and baseball, but other options are available too.

Medical assistants

Help can range from bringing medicine and handing it out, to helping people get fitted for eye glasses. And if you are trained as a nurse or doctor, the options for helping those in need only expound for you. All arrangements will be made in order for you to serve the best of your abilities.

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