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Winnipeg - Street ministry and evangelism with Heart of Winnipeg


Intervention and restoration for survivors of human-trafficking with EVENforONE

Costa Rica

Addiction recovery program with “The Monkey Farm”


Feeding the hungry, elderly, and sick with local churches

​Dominican Republic

School and feeding program for children in danger of gangs


Education in super-growth farming tactics in places where food is scarce


Addiction recovery program and youth outreach with Teen Challenge


Sam I Am Center (Daily Vacation Bible School and feeding programs)


Local outreach, feeding the poor, and evangelism


Feeding the hungry and child evangelism with local churches


Resources for Refugees


Cataract surgery and evangelism with Sight.Org


Resources for Refugees


Jungle Medical Mission: Medical assistance to extremely remote places of Uganda.

World Wide

​Vacation with a Purpose - Bringing donors to the field for a priceless adventure

Our Work

CEOM is one organization working with many... Here's how!

Christians Empowering Organizations Ministries Inc. is one organization helping many. Whether it is feeding the poor, sharing the gospel, educating children, or standing for truth and freedom; CEOM empowers groups and individuals (aka Agencies) to do more of what God has called them to do.

To be an Agency with CEOM, they must be a Christian Group holding to the basic beliefs. See our About page for examples.

Second, their purpose must be to help people, whoever and however that may be (Christian or non-christian).

Third, they must be accountable to CEOM by submitting two reports twice a year: a financial report and a ministry report.

This allows CEOM to follow the proper CRA guidelines according to the laws of Canada for Non-Profit-Organizations. 

Basically, we help people help people and we do so ethically, legally, and Biblically.

Below are listed CEOM Agencies and what they do.

Agencies of CEO Ministries


Approximately 12.6 million people, or more than one-third of Canada's population, reported being atheists. This has more than doubled going from 16.5% in 2001 to 34.6% in 2021.

Heart of Winnipeg: Led by John Mark Wilderspin, this ministry involves feeding the poor, sharing the gospel, and providing safe transportation in the late hours of the night to those within inner city Winnipeg, Manitoba. Handouts include sanitation products, food, drinks, and prayer.


Human trafficking is a global problem that encompasses many forms of exploitation such as sexual exploitation, forced labor, domestic servitude, forced marriage, forced criminal activity and organ harvesting.

EVENforONE: provides a safe, fast, and easy-to-use online platform to help trafficking survivors get connected with organizations who specialize in trafficking intervention and restoration. Education is also provided for law enforcement, safe homes, and churches to prevent trafficking. They operate both in Canada and the US.

Costa Rica​

Addictions are not the problem, they are a result of complex trauma causing PTSD. Trauma is not what happens to you, it is what happens within you as a result of what happens to you.

The Monkey Farm: Originally starting as a monkey rescue center (thus the name “Monkey Farm”), it is now an addiction recovery program for men. Started by Vicki Conley the center is completely run by the participants. Ministry includes Christian discipleship, counseling and trauma recovery,  equestrian therapy, computer training, English lessons, and training in agriculture and aquaponics. The program lasts 13 months for each student and the life transformations are incredibly powerful.


Approx 94 million people have been killed by communist governments. The statistics include death by execution, forced starvation, famine, war, and forced labor. Cuba has been a communist country since 1959.

Teen Challenge: 3 addiction recovery centers (2 for men and 1 for women). A multi-year-long discipleship program that involves intensive Christian discipleship and alcohol/drug rehab therapy. They have a 93% success rate for getting patrons free and back to their families.

Prison Ministry and Evangelism: Working with 63 evangelists and 2,200 prison chaplains, with extensive reporting systems, approximately 5,300+ people give their lives to Jesus every month through this ministry alone. Ministry includes street evangelism, prison fellowship, ministering to prisoner’s families, home group discipleship, and house church planting.

Feeding the poor: Collectively through the CEOM teams dispersed throughout Cuba approximately 700+ people are fed at least 1 meal daily. This includes visiting the elderly and orphanages, as well as developing home groups and evangelism programs.

Dominican Republic

COIN reported more than 250,000 women and girls in DR are exploited for sex and almost 500,000 Dominicans depend on the sex trade to survive. Girls start as young as 12 years old.

School for Persecuted Haitian Children: Initiated by previous founder Pastor Noelson who passed away in 2019, the school continues under the leadership of his wife and a few other teachers. The school has 50 to 60 Haitian students where they receive food, a Christian education, and refuge from the extreme racial tensions and persecution that Haitians face in the DR. Haitian children who do not participate in schooling of any form have a higher risk of being exploited into sex trafficking.


Two scientists standing in a green vegetable field with dark green leafy trees in the distance against a pale blue sky.

It has recently been projected that 15.8 million people will face hunger and need emergency food assistance in 2024. Causes include war, drought, and famine.

Bethel Agricultural Association (Canada) Inc. provides education in farming techniques that can strongly reduce drought effects, greatly increase crop production, and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Some techniques used are known as Conservation Agriculture or Restorative Agriculture. Establishing a faith-based University of Agriculture in Ethiopia, they also provide consultation to other projects dedicated to growing food for desperately hungry people.


Grenada is a destination country for cocaine originating from Colombia, as well as a transit country for Colombian shipments transported via Venezuela and Guyana to Canada, the United States and Europe. Their biggest export being marijuana. Thankfully, Grenada is relatively low in the crime index on all fronts

Teen Challenge: Directed by Jude Hector and his wife, they provide hope and freedom from life-controlling problems like drugs and alcohol for men, women, and youth who struggle with addiction. Projects include holistic drug prevention and rehab services, evangelism and discipleship programs to prisoners and ex-prisoners, and offer counseling, skills training, and entrepreneurship programs for youths and adults.


The unemployment rate is 75%. For many, the primary sources of income are likely to be drugs, weapons, gangs, kidnapping, and extortion. Today 4.7 million people face acute starvation.

Initiated by Alix Jean-Paul, projects are facilitated by local leaders who were once students in the original outreach over twenty years ago. The focus is food and education.

Edith Fast Christian School: Directed by Pastor Namphy Telusma with two main buildings: the new kindergarten building and an elementary school. Resources include a computer lab, library, and classes up to grade seven. There are 3 kindergarten classes, 6 elementary and 2 Jr.High classes. Hopes are to expand for grades 8 and 9.

The number of students is approaching 350. The highlight of the school will be 3 good meals weekly.

Sam I Am Centre: Pastor Kenson Telusma manages the center. It is powered by solar energy and has flushing toilets, modern dorm rooms, and is available for short and long term missions trips. Contact us to plan your visit

Two days a week around 60 youth come for Bible studies, sewing, and keyboarding programs. Singing and games fill the rest of the day. Summer provides Bible camp, games, and food. For all of these children, this might be the only time they receive meals. The center also provides a means of income for locals via gardening, livestock, and making bricks for construction. The on-site Tamara Well provides cholera-free water for the community.


Mexico's location on the southern border of the US makes it home to powerful criminal groups smuggling cocaine, human trafficking; committing extortion, and contract killing. It ranks 19th in countries with the highest rate of intentional homicides per 100,000 inhabitants.

Agape Church: Pastor Nacho and his wife faithfully lead a congregation in Mezcales serving the poor, preaching the gospel, and blessing the community. They have a strong emphasis on the family providing marriage workshops, children’s programs, and outreach campaigns. With the eminence of drugs and violence all around, the only solution is to help people become closer to Christ by knowing and believing in Him through His grace.


Hosting 1.5 million Venezuelans, of whom 532,000 are asylum-seekers, Peru is 2nd for Venezuelan refugees. This has led to increased cases of homelessness, drug addiction, and violence.

Child Evangelism in Peru: Previously working with CEOM in Cuba, pastor Yudiel Vazquez and his wife Tamara now represent CEOM in La Lima Peru. Serving in one of the poorest areas of La Lima, projects include Christmas Programs and child evangelism. Roughly 500 children are reached and fed, many of whom are the children of Venezuelan refugees who are struggling with drug addiction. 


Hogares Victory (Victory Homes): An evangelism and discipleship program that literally goes into the garbage dumps to carry men out, lead them to Jesus, and disciple them back into society. Pastor Ronni and his team see miraculous results such as healings, restoration, and salvations.

Romania & Ukraine

When Vladimir Putin sent 200,000 soldiers into Ukraine, he assumed he could sweep up the capital in a matter of days and depose the leaders. After a series of humiliating retreats, his initial invasion has clearly failed, but Russia's war is far from over.

The Rasa Family Centre: Reinhard and Darcy Neufeld in Romania have been faithfully providing security for refugees as well as hand-delivering food and resources in active war zones to those in need. The Centre is currently hosting 23+ refugees, some of whom are children who lost their parents. CEOM is assisting this ministry with some resources not only for the center but also for sending food, medicine, and clothing to Ukraine.


Trachoma is the world's leading cause of preventable blindness and is easily spread through direct personal contact, shared towels and cloths, and flies that have come in contact with the eyes or nose of an infected person.

Sight.Org: Headed by Lewis and Naomi Swann, Sight.Org exists to proclaim the gospel to the most unserved regions of Africa by combating blindness through surgery and prevention. Restoring sight through cataract and pterygium surgeries, glaucoma treatments, and eyeglasses, as well as blindness preventive education programs. They perform 150 eye surgeries a month in remote villages of Togo in their mobile eye clinic. Afterward, patrons are shown the Jesus Film and receive training in agriculture before returning back to their communities.  From these, church plants and discipleship groups are started.


Communicable diseases account for over 50% of morbidity and mortality. Malaria, HIV/AIDS, TB, and respiratory, diarrhoeal, epidemic-prone, and vaccine-preventable diseases are the leading causes of illness and death.

Jungle Medical Mission (JMM): Dr. Franklin runs a medical staff of doctors, nurses, dentists, and other health professionals to rural areas in Uganda. JMM conducts medical outreach programs in the most vulnerable communities in Uganda, where they dispense medicines, conduct primary health care campaigns, and offer free treatment to more than 3000 people. Services include Maternal and Child Health, Reproductive Health, Dental Health, Eye Care, and Medical Outreach.

World Wide Partners

In 2022, the advocacy group Open Doors said that at least 360 million Christians experienced “high levels of persecution and discrimination.” This was 20 million higher than in 2021.

Global Vision 2020: Though not an official Agency with CEOM, we work hand in hand supplementing many ministries with the GV2020 Eyes Kit. The world’s largest unmet disability is poor vision. Their system, along with the training provided by the Global Vision 2020 team, allows volunteers to provide prescription eyeglasses to people who do not have access to vision care. This kit can be used in the most remote places of the world.

Hello Bruce – A Bible Study With a Devil: Created by Brian James, this creative project is aimed at capturing the attention of those who are open to spiritual concepts but who are disinterested in the Bible. By “unveiling the secrets of hell” people will are exposed to the saving truth of the gospel. A modern-day relative to C.S Lewis’ book “Screwtape Letters.”

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