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For Churches

If you’re aiming to ignite your church’s passion for the Great Commission, CEOM is your go-to partner. We offer comprehensive mission experiences tailored for youth groups, families, and congregations. Our diverse projects include impactful outreach initiatives, enlightening mission awareness programs, and captivating seminars. Let’s collaborate to empower your church’s mission endeavors.

impactful outreach initiatives

enlightening mission awareness programs

captivating seminars

Outreach Trips
for Your Youth Group

CEOM’s Missions programs provide all-inclusive outreach adventures tailored specifically for youth groups. Our seasoned team takes care of every single trip detail, including accommodations, meals, transportation, ministry coordination, translation services, and essential supplies. By entrusting the logistical side of things to us, your youth group leader can fully embrace their pastoral role without getting bogged down in administrative tasks. Moreover, our camp-style training isn’t just about equipping hands; it’s about uplifting hearts. All you need to do is bring your kids, and we’ll handle the rest.

Outreach Trips
for Adult Groups

Whether you’ve got an adult crew or a dynamic mix of individuals spanning different age groups, CEOM’s Missions program offers a seamless avenue to unite in service to God. We specialize in coordinating teams for missions across the globe, making it effortless for diverse groups to come together and make a meaningful impact. Let us help you bring your collective faith and passion to communities around the world..


CEOM speakers will provide mission awareness programs for your church. To invite a speaker to your church or group, please check out our “Invite a CEO speaker” page.

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