Know God

Know God

Knowing God is the cornerstone of everything and everyone within CEO. Our very existence revolves around glorifying God and carrying out His divine purposes for our world.

Do you want to know God?

In the words of Jesus, “He who believes in me has everlasting life” (John 11:25). If you desire to experience abundant life, we extend an invitation to accept the precious gift God offers you. All it takes is acknowledging your shortcomings, having faith that Jesus sacrificed Himself and rose again for you, and making a heartfelt commitment to follow God’s path.

If you would like to learn more, please take a few minutes to look at the following web pages and videos:

Do you want to grow closer to God?

Genuine intimacy with God, a deep “knowing,” necessitates a transformation in your life. It entails immersing yourself in God’s teachings as found in the Bible. It involves prayer, listening to God, who is present with us. It requires nurturing a sense of community with fellow believers. Most importantly, it means recognizing that God’s purposes for your life are intricately woven into His plans for the world. Additionally, we encourage you to invest some time in watching the following videos. They offer practical insights on how to deepen your understanding of God. These teachings are shared by various Bible Teachers and can provide valuable guidance.
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